Carmarthenshire Farms Accommodation Details

This page is for accommodation owners associated with the Carmarthenshire Farms website. Please complete the form below to give us the necessary information in order to add your accommodation to the new Carmarthenshire Farms website. We recommend looking at the form in full before beginning inputting your data. If you’d rather send us the information by email, please send it to (however please look at the form first to see what information we require).

Please send your images (photographs & logo if you have one) separately to These can be sent by email (please split into various emails if they are too large to send in one go), WeTransfer or DropBox. Please send no more than 10 images and make sure that you name each image so that we know what they are (eg. ‘Tanylan-TyMorla-Lounge’). Please send the images as png or jpeg files and make sure your images are high res, good quality images (preferably at least 800px wide). Landscape images (rather than portrait images) are much preferred as they will fit the website much better. Remember that good photos will sell your accommodation!

If there’s anything you think we’ve missed, let us know! If you’ve got any queries, please contact us.

Carmarthenshire Farms Accommodation Details

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