What Goes Around Comes Around

Sarah Hind Blog, Social Networking

In this ultra competitive internet world, we all need to help each other. By visiting each others websites, sharing links, following and interacting on social media you can help each other.

We will regularly post links on our clients, friends and local businesses. However, this is not just mindless link building – they have to be genuine, well respected companies/links that we really think our followers may find of interest, whether that be from a business perspective or a personal one. We want to help spread the word and help make their businesses a success.

The important thing here is the word ‘GENUINE’. We are not trying to fool Google. We are not mindlessly sharing inane backlinks. We want to build a genuine following for our clients. We only take on clients that we believe in.

YOU can help. Take the time to follow and interact with businesses you’re interested in on social media. SHARE their links. Help them out by having a look around their website.

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter and help each other out. And don’t forget… what goes around comes around.

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