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Useful Tips for a New Website Design

There’s so much to consider when designing a new website and you can lose sight of what is really best for the user. Ultimately, you want great user experience, which also means a well optimised website. Here, we will focus on user experience, (which generally goes hand in hand with website optimisation anyway).

You have a matter of seconds, or even milliseconds, to keep a user on your website after that initial click. Many users will never scroll down the page, so the top of the page needs to have high impact. It also needs to be informative so the user knows they have found what they are looking for. On top of that you need to sell yourself – why should they stay on your website and not bounce off and look at your competitors.

One of our hardest jobs as web designers is getting the most important information in the top third of the page, whilst still keeping the page uncluttered and clean. Your website can be the face of your business. A contemporary, beautiful, well-designed website speaks volumes for your company. Design and good photography is essential.

Now you need to SHOUT (subtly!) about your selling points. Nowadays, people are generally either short of time or lazy (or both!) We haven’t the time or inclination to read long areas of text. Whilst you still need your website to be informative, break it up over various pages so that initially it is easy for the user to skim the important points. Catch their attention and then direct them to the more detailed version.

Sliders can be useful to advertise your selling points, whilst not taking up extra space. Bullet points are easy to read. Put important phrases or keywords in bold or larger font to both break up the text into more readable segments and highlight your selling points. Break up the text areas with images or different colours.

Easy navigation is essential. Create a simple navigation and include internal links. Use breadcrumb trails and search tools.

Think about what is most important to your user.

  • They need to know you are a good, up-to-date, successful company. You need a beautiful, contemporary design.
  • They need to know what you are offering. Use a small text area to describe your company.
  • They need to know why they should choose you over your competitors. Show your selling points. Consider a feedback slider.
  • They then need more information about services and prices, etc – direct them to this information with easy navigation.
  • THEY NEED TO BE ABLE TO CONTACT YOU! Add call to actions and make sure it’s easy for them to buy, find your phone number and other contact information.

Now you need to be sure that it looks as good on all devices. It MUST be responsive… but that’s a different blog post!

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