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We Have a New Website…

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We Have a New Website…

Finally… we’ve got round to updating our own website! About time!

The worst thing about designing our own website is that we have to try to show off our design skills, show you some neat functions that you might want to incorporate into your own website but also make sure that it’s up to speed. That’s not easy!

Normally when we’re designing other people’s websites, we try to keep them fairly simple and clutter-free to maximise user impact and keep the website well optimised and ultra fast. We still often have a few clever tricks on there, but not too many or it can slow down the website. Same with videos and images – not too many on one page.

And what did we do… put a big video on the Home Page, lots of huge background images, sliders and loads of extra functions that move, etc when you hover over them, scroll down the page, etc.

Hopefully you’ll all like it though and it should have some good functions that we can use when designing your websites.

We’ve worked hard to optimise it for tablets and mobiles and then worked even harder to speed up such a code-heavy website. We’re pleased to say that even if it was a little more challenging than normal, we’ve ended up with a speed score of 83% for desktop speed & 71% for mobile from Google which is mighty impressive. Well done to our optimisation guy, Matt!

We’ve still got some tweaking to do but the full website tests are giving us great scores too. Take a look in more detail at some of the test results on our Portfolio page.

We’d love to know what you think. Go to our Facebook or Twitter page and let us know!