Tests & Analysis

Speed, Content, Performance


If you want your website to perform well it needs to do more than just look pretty. It needs to be easy for the viewer to get the information they are after and be simple to navigate. Then there’s the technology behind it – it needs to be up-to-date with clean, accurate coding and ultra-fast, responsive performance on all devices.

If you want to be shown well on organic (free) search results then you need to please Google. In order to please Google, you have to meet certain criteria that it deems important to pleasing the user! This criteria can include content, coding, metatags, image optimisation, multiple speed factors, social networking activity, backlinking, blogs… the list is endless.

We thoroughly test all With Hindsite websites that we have designed and optimise them as much as possible. We will discuss any issues with you as necessary and can provide full test reports.

We run impartial tests on websites that we have not designed ourselves. We can provide a full test report and are happy to liaise with your current Webmaster, suggesting possible areas for their consideration.

It is imperative to monitor the performance of your website. We are experienced with Google Analytics and would be happy to discuss your current website performance and advise accordingly.


Website Tests & Analysis Prices…

Please note that the following prices are starting prices only. We will discuss your website with you and give you a quote based on your exact requirements. We take pride in our honesty and diligent work ethic and will always fly that extra mile for you.