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In an internet-led word, many businesses put the biggest share of their marketing budget towards digital marketing. Google Adwords often takes the biggest share. If you’re not in the top few positions on the organic (free) search results, Adwords can help you get the exposure you need. Adwords campaigns can be location specific and your budget can be changed at any time.

You could create your own Google Adwords campaigns, but you really must take the time to learn about Adwords first. If campaigns are not correctly optimised (like so many we see!) you are simply wasting your money. If you don’t know about broad, phrase & exact matches, negative keywords or you aren’t up to speed with Google Analytics, then get an expert to do it for you.

We are certified Google Partners and are experienced in PPC (pay per click) and Google Shopping campaigns. We will perform a thorough keyword analysis and choose a large range of related search terms, using various matches to reduce CPC (cost per click). Negative keyword lists will reduce unwanted clicks. We will create numerous ads, with ad extensions.

It is essential to regularly analyse your Adwords campaigns to avoid wasting your budget on unwanted clicks and optimise your return on investment. It takes time for new campaigns to settle and work must be done to add negative keywords, tweak keywords, ads and budgets. We offer monthly Adwords packages – our eagle eyes scrutinise the results and bring you the rewards.


Google Adwords Prices…

Please note that the following prices are starting prices only and do NOT include Google Adwords own costs. We will discuss your Adwords campaigns with you in detail and give you a quote based on your exact requirements. We are not trying to pull the feathers over your eyes – businesses with high traffic or a large number of products/areas will need a much higher budget than the starting prices shown below. We take pride in our honesty and diligent work ethic and will always fly that extra mile for you.


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