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Grow your Facebook Following from Post Likes

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you should have seen our post recently about Galloping Acrobatics, who went from getting around 300 post likes on Facebook, to suddenly getting well over 1 million views and 19,440 shares on a video post. Their Facebook page likes went from 1450 likes to nearly 10,000 likes. Well done to them – shows that perseverance on social media really can pay off.

So, how can they cash in further on this post’s success. There’s actually a really simple and easy way of following up people who like Facebook posts. Don’t forget, a lot of people will have only seen the post from a friend liking/sharing it and won’t actually follow the page themselves, and you WANT THEM TO FOLLOW YOU!

1. Go to the post you’re targeting and under it you’ll see the thumbs up icon and the number of people who like your post. Click on that.Grow Facebook Likes

2. You’ll see a long list of people who have liked the post. If it says ‘Liked’ on the right of their name, they already like your page. If it says ‘Invite’, then click on ‘Invite’ and it will send them an invitation to like your page.

Invite Facebook Likes

3. If it says ‘Invited’ you’ve obviously already invited them, but this does often change back to ‘Invite’ so you can invite them again if they’ve not accepted. Try not to annoy people by inviting them too often, so remember where you were up to inviting in the list and you can then target new post likes next time.

Simple! Be warned that this tool does seem to disappear from Facebook from time to time and isn’t always available, so best make hay whilst the sun shines!

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