Follow up Your Likes on Facebook Posts

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If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you should have seen our post recently about Galloping Acrobatics, who went from getting around 300 post likes on Facebook, to suddenly getting well over 1 million views and 19,440 shares on a video post. Their Facebook page likes went from 1450 likes to nearly 10,000 likes. Well done to them – shows …

Adwords Scrabble

Google Adwords – Avoid Unwanted Search Terms

Sarah Hind Blog, Google Adwords

Google Adwords is often a company’s primary marketing source. Whilst some have a more modest budget, some businesses will spend tens of thousands of pounds every month. Whatever your Adword’s budget, don’t waste it on clicks from irrelevant search terms. If you’re selling high quality leather shoes, you don’t want clicks for ‘running shoes’, ‘cheap leather shoes’ or ‘second hand …

web design

Website Design Tips

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There’s so much to consider when designing a new website and you can lose sight of what is really best for the user. Ultimately, you want great user experience, which also means a well optimised website. Here, we will focus on user experience, (which generally goes hand in hand with website optimisation anyway). You have a matter of seconds, or …


What Goes Around Comes Around

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In this ultra competitive internet world, we all need to help each other. By visiting each others websites, sharing links, following and interacting on social media you can help each other. We will regularly post links on our clients, friends and local businesses. However, this is not just mindless link building – they have to be genuine, well respected companies/links …

With Hindsite Website

We Have a New Website…

With Hindsite Blog, Web Design

We Have a New Website… Finally… we’ve got round to updating our own website! About time! The worst thing about designing our own website is that we have to try to show off our design skills, show you some neat functions that you might want to incorporate into your own website but also make sure that it’s up to speed. …